Wind Ensemble

Membership in this group is by audition or director recommendation only, and participation in the marching band is a co-requisite. Attitude, maturity, ability, and selflessness are key ingredients for participation in this ensemble. Private lessons are suggested. Members of the Mariner Wind Ensemble are required to participate in District, and State (if qualified) Solo & Ensemble Assessment, and are required to audition for the All-County Honor Ensembles.  This group consistently performs literature of the highest quality, which requires the utmost in concentration and musical dedication. It also performs at all FBA Assessment events, and performs several required concerts, and outside of school performances throughout the school year.

Ensemble Placement and Seating Rotation

Placement of students into one of the concert ensembles is at the discretion of the Director, which is based on knowledge of the playing ability, instrumentation needs of the ensemble, and attitude of the student. Auditions are offered for the Wind Ensemble to be used as a guide for admission to that particular class, or placement in other classes. The goal  is to develop well-balanced ensembles that will function independently at the highest level of excellence. To insure that all students receive the best musical education possible, the director will rotate part assignments throughout the year. This means that students will rotate chairs in order to experience what it is like to play each part (role) within their section.

Mariner High School Wind Ensemble Everett, Washington

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